Land-Base Aquaculture

Although, RAS systems in comparison with the classical systems, are much more advantageous by requiring less water needs, intensively stocking capacity, short time of production period in order to provide the optimum conditions of water levels and parameters for the fish, it brings more equipment and energy innovations. Just because of these equipments and energy, the innovation and management costs are always higher than classical systems.

RAS systems are considered to be counted on 3 main systems, Hence;

Adaptation and Quarantine Units;

The unit where the fish is put between 1-10 grams to the system. In here fish is purified and adaptated to the system

Grow-Out Unit:

The unit where the fish is stocked and fed intensively by providing the optimum water conditions for sales.

Off-Odour Unit:

The unit where the fish is processed with ozone gas in order to be cleaned of their feed and ammonia odour on their flesh when they the fish is ready to be sold. Better to keep the fish in this unit 3-4 weeks.

In order to grow the fish in short time of periods water conditions should always be kept in optimum conditions. Therefore, for this reason, the water in RAS systems is cleaned by  flowing through many filtration systems and the temperature is kept constant by heating and cooling.

Here are the filters that are existing in the systems.

Mechanical Filters: 

Drum filters, sand filters, bed filters, automatic filters etc. They are used for holding the solid and the suspended particules in the system.

Biological Filters:

They are used for the harmful ammonia and ammonium components to be converted by the bacteria in order to be released from the system.

UV Filters;

They are used for neuralizing and makin ineffective of all kinds of living organisms like bacteria, virus present in the system.

Besides, in RAS systems the procustion is applying intensively, hence the oxygen requirement is high. That’s why there must always be an oxygene reinforcements externally to keep the oxygene level in high levels. Fort hat, oxygene tubes, oxygene generators and liquid oxygene silos are used.


 Mechanical Filter


Drum Filter

Basket Filter

Seperator Filter

Bag Filter


Biological and Sand Filters

Biological Filter

The biological filters, which are located within the closed circuit water systems in hatcheries and various productions for filtration and cleaning purposes, are produced by our company in desired water volumes and treatment capabilities and offered for the use of manufacturers in our sector.Its main material is plastic reinforced with glass.

Sand Filter

    Turbidity, which is the most apparent pollution parameter in all kinds of waters, shows that there is suspending solid matter, organic matter, silica, residue, the water.Among those pollutants, those that have a certain diameter are treated with physical residue filtration units.many pollutants that are located in the water can’t be removed from the water throught direct filtration.These pollutants are generally oxidized or softened with some chemical and then taken to filters.The granule diameter of pollutants grows larger, and they can be treated easily and more efficiently.

Biological Filters with Meteryal

UV Filter


Blower flowmeter

Heat Exchanger and Electric Heaters

Polyester Tanks

Oxygen Generation and Storage System

Oxygen Production and Storage Systems

  • ISO 10083 standardına uygun.
  • Değişken basınç altında filtreleme (PSA) tekniği ile çalışma.
  • Otomatik, manuel servis mod çalışma seçenekleri.
  • Hastane ortam şartlarına uygun kolay montaj ve tak çalıştır sistemi.
  • Standart %95 saflıkta çıkış özelliği.


HDPE and PVC fittings and valves


Measurement and Analysis Products

    • Waterproof/stainless steel scals/truckscales
    • Sensitive scales
    • Service for scales and calibrattion services


    • Oxygen meters
    • PH meters
    • Salinometre/refractometer
    • Ammonia meter/nitrite meter/nitrate meter
    • Thermometers
    • Filtre photometer ( for all kind water analysis )
    • Spectrometer (for all kind water analysis

    TEST  KITS :

    • Ammonia
    • Nitrite
    • Nitrate
    • Chlorin
    • Ferrous
    • PH

    ………Please ask us for any kind of test kit


    • Pipettes
    • Balloon