Off-Shore Cages

Towing cages are designed to transfer the fishes in safe from fishing are to cage stored area. Those cages can be produced starting from 50 meters in diameter to any dimension with one floating pipe.

The Tuna fishes can be transferred hundreds of miles alive from the catch area to storage area. The cages have a strong configuration to resist to all adverse weather condition during towing period.

We can construct cages at 6 different places at the sametime.

We use first quality HDPE pipe from 200mm. to 500mm. in diameter and diameter of cages are from 10 m. to 70 meters.




These cages are manifactured from high quality raw material to the satisfaction of the clients and suitable for open sea conditions. 

Our aim is to satisfy the customers and provide them cages to be in service for years.

The material of pipes and brackets is high quality “ HIGH DENSITY POLIETILEN ( HDPE ) “ . The brackets that we use are manifactured from HDPE a with a technic called “ ROTATION METHOD “ . Therefor all brackets helps the floatation of cage, considerable.
Off-Shore Cages